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CES 2011: Hyundai and Toyota pave new roads for marketers to reach drivers

Jennifer Marlo
CES 2011: Hyundai and Toyota pave new roads for marketers to reach drivers Jennifer Marlo
While wading through the sea of exhibitions at the consumer electronics show (CES) this past weekend, I thought about all the new technology and how it might be used to improve marketing and brand awareness. With this in mind, one advancement in particular caught my attention; automotive companies are jumping into the interactive arena, reinventing the possibilities of marketing to drivers.


Hyundai and Toyota are working to improve and expand upon driver navigation systems, introducing advanced telematics platforms to the dashboards of a few of the newest car models. Hyundai's BlueLink and Toyota's Entune systems offer nifty features such as voice-to-text service, allowing drivers to respond to texts with voice commands. Entune will permit drivers to control music, make dinner reservations through OpenTable, search the internet via Bing, and buy theater tickets on MovieTickets.com through an advanced voice recognition system. BlueLink provides over 30 useful features including point-of-interest searches such as nearby gas stations and restaurant recommendations. Drivers will be able to personalize their BlueLink services on Hyundai's website and connect to their mobile devices. According to a Hyundai representative I spoke to at CES, BlueLink is powered by Bing and Navteq, providing a powerful new way for marketers to reach drivers.

BlueLink console
Jennifer Marlo

Jennifer received her BFA from UC Santa Barbara and MFA from CALARTS in 2006. Post graduation, Jennifer segued into freelance writing, focusing on various topics such as arts, entertainment, travel, and tourism. Jennifer is a native Los Angelean...

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