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3 Reasons to Engage Loyal Customers through Social Media

3 Reasons to Engage Loyal Customers through Social Media Anna Hutson

Recent research from eMarketer and ROI Research further substantiates the evidence around cultivating and growing a loyal fan base on top social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as being an integral part of sales success online.  Social media fans and followers display heightened customer loyalty to brands they follow on social media sites (as indicated by the study).  In 2011, according to eMarketer and ROI Research, 34% of US social network users were more loyal to brands they 'liked' on Facebook versus brands they did not 'like'.   Similarly, 46% were more loyal to brands they followed on Twitter versus brands they did not follow. The bottom line is that engaging and retaining loyal fans through social media is becoming more and more essential to the success of brands online.  In fact, 50% of Twitter and Facebook users also said they were more likely to talk about, recommend, or purchase a company’s products after they began following them on social media.  Furthermore, loyal customers are not only more likely talk about your brand, but also to influence purchases by others, according to a study done by BzzAgent.

eMarketer 2011

3 Reasons Why it’s Smart to Connect With Loyal Customers through Social Media:

  1. Loyal customers turned brand advocates are most likely to share opinions via social media: According to BzzAgent, advocates are two times more likely to share brand and company information on social networks than the average web user. Social media is also their first choice of outlet for sharing their brand insights and opinions.

  2. Loyal customers turned brand advocates reach a wider audience than the average internet user: Advocates are three times more likely to share brand and company information with someone they don’t know (think potential customers!). With the likelihood that advocates will share their insights via social media, it’s important for companies to be on social media to capture the conversation and recommendation (e.g. company owned and managed social media profiles).

  3. Loyal customers turned brand advocates influence purchase behavior in connections: The study also found that advocates are 70% more likely to be seen as a source of reliable information, and are 50% more likely to create content that influences a purchase.  This means that not only do advocates reach a wide audience on social media sites, but their opinion is valued more highly than that of the average internet user.

So, how is your company using social media to engage with and create loyal customers?  Instilling a loyalty program within your company takes time and resources.  However, the long-term benefits include free promotion and word of mouth advocacy for your brand.  The first step towards cultivating such a program is to engage your audience through social media and assess the opportunities and outcomes within reach.  With the ability of advocates to influence and reach a wider audience and network of potential customers, engaging and maintaining your loyal customers is absolutely worth the effort.

Anna Hutson has spent the last 10 years building companies and driving agency growth. As an agency and client leader with experience spanning agencies in the digital, traditional, full-service and creative spaces, Hutson has helped companies ranging...

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