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Context & Background for the New iMedia Top Brands in Video Chart

Context & Background for the New iMedia Top Brands in Video Chart Matt Fiorentino
iMedia and Visible Measures introduce the Top Brands in Video Chart at a time of significant change in the world of advertising. Online video and social media have opened up a landscape of near infinite choice, where consumers can choose to watch whatever they want, whenever and wherever they like. Yet, despite having instant access to their favorite TV shows, films, music videos, and crazy cat videos, consumers are choosing to watch ads. For the first time in history, this puts consumers in control of their advertising.

We Need New Measures for Success

When consumers can choose to watch ads the old metrics of success carry less weight. Share of Voice measures the amount brands spend to saturate TV screens, radio waves, online video clips, and more. Impressions measure the number of times audiences are exposed to an ad. Both have been standard metrics for television, radio, and online video advertising for years. Neither measure consumer choice. To understand this new paradigm of choice-based advertising, we need new measures for success.

User-Initiated Views

Measuring user-initiated views for an ad is a start. User-initiated views show true choice, a lean-forward, active interaction with brand advertising – audiences actually click the play button to watch the ad. But simply measuring the original ads uploaded by brands and their agencies isn’t enough.

True Reach™

Online videos can spread anywhere across the Web. Clips uploaded to sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Metacafe, Yahoo!, MySpace, and many others can be copied and blasted across the online video landscape. Video ads can also be mixed, mashed, spoofed, and altered in many other ways, but the core brand messaging remains intact. For example, VW’s popular campaign The Force has nearly 600 related clips spread across more than 10 sites. Combined, these clips have generated over 50 million views.

Measuring the complete performance of an online video campaign is what we call True Reach™ – the combination of brand-driven and consumer-driven clips across the Web. True Reach provides one big number to represent the total views a campaign has generated throughout the online video universe. This allows us to benchmark campaign performance and give a clear indication of what works and what doesn’t in online video advertising.

Share of Choice™

To produce the Top 10 Brands Chart each month, we measure the performance of hundreds of millions of clips across hundreds of video sites, group them into ad campaigns, roll the campaigns up into brands, and roll the brands up into industries. This industry-level brand comparison is what we call Share of Choice™, a competitive metric that shows which brands consumers choose to watch most in online video advertising.

True Reach and Share of Choice are the foundation of the iMedia & Visible Measures Top 10 Brands Chart.

How to Interpret the Chart

This chart represents the brands consumers are choosing to watch most in a given month. All views are user-initiated, meaning that someone had to press the play button. We use the IAB standards definition of a view – a view is counted after buffering ends and playback begins. Pre-roll and auto-play impressions are not included in the totals. Movies, video games, and television media brands like NBC are not considered for the chart.

Why This Chart Matters

The Top Brands in Video Chart matters because it represents the brands that have embraced the new choice-based advertising paradigm and the ones best prepared for a future ruled by consumers. Most of the brands on the chart are household names, but some smaller brands have made it as well. Name recognition aside, these are the brands at the center of the consumer dialogue, the brands being recommended to friends and family, and the brands creating ads we’re choosing to watch.

Matt Fiorentino is the Director of Marketing for Visible Measures. Prior to joining Visible Measures, Matt was a freelance journalist for publications like the Associated Press, The Dayton Daily News, and The American Magazine. Matt has a...

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