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WTFacebook: Social Shopping?

Carrie Reichenthal
WTFacebook: Social Shopping? Carrie Reichenthal
We all know by now that Facebook is the perfect medium for stalking exes and posting inappropriate photos for friends to see.  Some of us even know that it works as a location-based GPS device and facial-recognition system.  But who knew that the phenomenally-successful site could also take you grocery shopping?

Take a look here, at Farm2Kitchen’s interface designed to help Indian women shop from the comfort of their (internet-enabled) home.

Other brands are also jumping on the Facebook-turned-SkyMall bandwagon, adding shopping tabs to their pages complete with photos of merchandise and shopping carts.

This is definitely an interesting way to tap into the market of the 500 million active Facebook users who often peruse their favorite brands' pages.  The option to add a shop tab to a brand page has been available for roughly a year, and takes a relatively short amount of time to implement.

Adding these shopping tabs is probably the easiest, most-cost effective marketing tactic that brands can utilize at the moment.  While Franny Facebook-User is checking out her favorite organic bread company, she can also buy some bread too --with a simple click of her mouse.  And if there are 1.5 million Franny's who "like" your brand, you've just made quite a few bread purchases.  Hook, line, and sinker.

The question remains, however, is there anything Facebook can't do -- or shouldn't do?

Social shopping: Yay or Nay?
Carrie Reichenthal

Carrie Reichenthal is an editorial intern at iMedia Connection. She holds a BA in journalism and English from California State University, Long Beach. She enjoys technology, fashion, and referring to herself in the third person.

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