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Revenge of the Blogger: Underutilized Social Networks can Empower Your Affiliate Traffic

Revenge of the Blogger: Underutilized Social Networks can Empower Your Affiliate Traffic Daryl Colwell
Have you been told that blogging is sooooo 2009? Well, have I got news for you. According to the 2011 Social Media Marketing Report released by Social Media Examiner, 69% of marketers want to learn about blogging and how it can impact social initiatives. 72% of these marketers cited increasing traffic as a major social media benefit. And while much of the social media emphasis revolves around Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, these are not the only social channels that can maximize exposure for your blog. For affiliates interested in utilizing blogs to drive traffic, social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit are growing in popularity and can generate huge increases in traffic to your blog. More eyes on your blog, the better your chances of driving sales opportunities.

For those of you who live and breathe the cult of Zuckerberg, it may come as a surprise to learn that StumbleUpon topped Facebook as a social media traffic source in Q4 of 2010. StumbleUpon accounted for 43.34% of traffic while Facebook drew in 38%. While I’m not for ditching Facebook’s 600 million+ strong user network exclusively for StumbleUpon, I am a fan of growth. StumbleUpon attracts 500,000 new users monthly and is generating 800 million “stumbles” in that same period. Stumbles are particularly useful for blogs because they act as user tags directing them to pages of interest. If you place As Seen on TV offers, a stumble for such a product could take you to very popular and authoritative blogs on that very topic. That will drive interest, intent and hopefully a purchase.

Digg and Reddit are two more social sites that can drive massive traffic increases to your blog almost instantaneously. Such increases will boost your blog's ranking in the search engines, enhance visits and page views and ultimately help you monetize your message. Though Digg can be a great blogosphere resource, it works better when used by those that blog regularly and understand how to make their content easy to find. Meanwhile, Reddit exploded in 2010 growing by 230%. The site accumulated 829 million pages views in Q4 of 2010. Again, being a fan of growth I believe this degree of success is difficult for my fellow affiliate marketers to ignore. Actually, it is also impossible for YouTube to ignore.

You might have missed it during the Royal Wedding hysteria but Yahoo sold Delicious to YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. This is a clear indication that sharing and discovering new content is a great way to engage actionable audiences not only across affiliate and social networks but all performance channels.

Your blog can be a money maker if enough people read it and find it compelling. The key is getting it to the right audience. Social media and social bookmarking sites can empower your blog making it authoritative, influential and profitable. Oh, monetized revenge is most definitely sweet.


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