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All you need to know about digital marketing in :90

Bethany Simpson
All you need to know about digital marketing in :90 Bethany Simpson
Did you know that the U.S. government almost didn't let Virgin America fly? Until a digital marketing campaign turned the tide. Also: what are the new digital marketing opportunities in streaming music? Should you doubt your common sense when making business decisions? What opportunities do connected cars offer digital marketers? What does the shift from physical consumers to digital consumers mean to marketers?

We packaged some of the best soundbites from the iMedia Breakthrough Summit into the following QuickClip videos. Here are key lessons from the presenters... in 90 seconds or less.


[brightcove video="1251280702001" /]

When Virgin America was a startup (1:22) - Porter Gale, Former VP of Marketing, Virgin America

Click here for more soundbites from Porter Gale.


[brightcove video="1251303929001" /]

Music goes social (1:22) - Evan Krauss, EVP, Advertising Sales, Shazam Entertainment; Jaime Sarachit, Dir., Comm., Media Relations & Social Media, The Recording Academy/GRAMMY Awards; Kim Luegers, Director of Mobile Marketing, Pandora; Caroline Giegerich, Initiative

Click here for more soundbites from the music panel presentation.


[brightcove video="1251336608001" /]

Digital marketers, meet connected cars (1:06) - Brian Cooley, Editor at Large, CNET

Click here for more soundbites from Brian Cooley.


[brightcove video="1251303937001" /]

The evolution from physical to digital (0:47) - Leonard Brody, President, Clarity Digital

Click here for more soundbites from Leonard Brody.


[brightcove video="1251303944001" /]

The problem with common sense (1:04) - Duncan Watts, Principal Research Scientist, Human Social Dynamics Group

Click here for more soundbites from Duncan Watts.


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Bethany Simpson

Bethany has worked with Fortune-1000 executives for 8 years. From 2007 to 2011 she served as director of content development for the Leadership Network, a private online community for C-Level leaders of Fortune-1000 companies and $1B+ organizations.

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