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Mobile Roundtable (Pt 3): The Secret to Mobile Marketing Success? Traditional Advertising

Mobile Roundtable (Pt 3): The Secret to Mobile Marketing Success? Traditional Advertising Rick Mathieson

Jeff Hasen Major brands are discovering the secret to mobile marketing success lies in what for some is an unexpected place: traditional advertising.

As longtime readers know, this is a reoccurring theme in my books - and in part three of our Fall 2011 mobile marketing roundtable, Jeff Hasen, CMO of Seattle-based HipCricket, illustrates the power of this dynamic in campaigns for Ford and Arby's.

You'll be impressed with the results generated - and you'll see how social+mobile+commerce can work seamlessly within fully integrated communications campaigns.


Click here to listen to: Fall 2011 Mobile Marketing Roundtable Pt 3

(Approx: 4:26)

TOMORROW: We'll talk more on mobile's role in traditional campaigns, and how it may effect 2012 Super Bowl advertising (hey, is it ever too early to talk about the Ad Bowl?)

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Adam broitman In Part 2, we talk to Adam Broitman, CEO of Circus about ways this equation will play out over the next five to 10 years (Let's just say the conversation includes NFC embedded in our skin) - and what it means to the world of advertising.

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