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Reminder: Combining TV and Online Boosts Ad Recall

Reminder: Combining TV and Online Boosts Ad Recall Ariel Geifman
For years, advertisers have been combining cross channel TV and online advertising to reach a larger audience and boost their brands.  For example, studios promote new movies by launching a TV campaign that features a short trailer as well as a well-crafted online campaign with a highly engaging Rich Media ad.  Here’s a perfect example from Warner Brothers’ Inception.  Now, there is even a greater reason to launch cross-channel TV and online campaigns—higher ad recall.

A new study by Nielsen shows that cross channel TV and online campaigns have the highest overall brand impact.  According to the research, people who view a campaign both on TV and online are more likely to remember it as compared to those who only viewed the online version.

The study was conducted in Nielsen’s media lab, where users were shown ads across TV, computer, smartphone and a tablet.  The ad was a 15-second video promoting a premium sports sedan.  One group viewed no ads, while other groups were shown ads on different combinations of devices.

Out of the people who were shown ads on TV alone, 50% correctly attributed the ad to the brand.  However, out of those who saw the ads on all four screens, 74% attributed the ad to the right brand. Furthermore, users who viewed the ad on multiple screens were more likely to remember details from the ad.  For example, only 22% of users who viewed only the TV version were able to remember that the ad was for a four-door sedan.  When the ad was shown on all four screens, the share of users who indicated a four-door sedan jumped to 54%.

This Nielsen research, which was commissioned by Google, still shows that TV is the largest driver of brand awareness as a stand-alone channel.  However, the combination of TV and online delivers the highest overall brand impact.  The good news is that advertisers don’t have to choose between channels, but rather leverage a powerful combination of both to boost ad recall.

Ariel Geifman is the Director of Marketing at Mintigo, a customer targeting solutions provider.  In his role, Ariel provides advice and insights on performance outbound and inbound marketing, email marketing, lead nurturing and marketing...

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