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VW Uses Mobile AR To Launch Beetle (Video)

VW Uses Mobile AR To Launch Beetle (Video) Rick Mathieson
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRA0SZhKNyo&feature=player_embedded[/youtube]Gotta love this new mobile augmented reality experience from VW.

It does involve a special app - which is asking a lot of consumers. But for those interested enough to download it, the experience is fun, lively and goes at least a little way in helping Beetle seem more modern and (almost) masculine.

I do hope the app comes with a dealer locator and the ability to customize a Beetle using AR, along with the ability to schedule a test drive.

This particular initiative is from Canada, and is part of a larger social+mobile+who knows what else that will run through November 26.

What's your take? Does it get you revved up for the Beetle? Or inspiration in reverse?

Read more, here.

Rick Mathieson is an award-winning writer, author, speaker and frequent media commentator on marketing in the digital age. Heralded as “a strategic marketing expert” by Harvard Business School”s Working Knowledge, his insights on postmodern...

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