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Favorite Gadgets for Organizing

Favorite Gadgets for Organizing Lisa Wehr
It may not be back to school time for you, or even your children, but fall is definitely that time of year that kicks you back into high gear. Think about your summer days spent on the coast, cocktail parties and barbecues nearly every night—June through August you know you’re booked with festivities, getaways, family reunions, and the list continues.

Come September, you don’t have to worry about packing the beach bag or preparing a side dish for a summer soiree, you can focus on getting your life back together.

The word organizing can seem daunting, almost as though it’s a chore you were forced to do when you were twelve years old, but in all reality it’s a necessity. And with the help of some tech gadgets, that gruesome task of putting order to your life will seem much easier, faster and ultimately more enjoyable.

Grocery Gadget Goodness

Making a list of a few simple food items may not seem overwhelming, but when you have to shop for an abundant amount of produce, cleaning goods, weekly meals, school lunches (yes, it really is that time of year again), etc., your brain can start to spin—especially if your list isn’t categorized by departments—you know it’s frustrating back tracking seven aisles (the one you were just down) to get an item you foolishly displayed further down the list.

Say goodbye to crumpled, chicken scratch, chaotic grocery lists, and say hello to the iPhone “Grocery Gadget” app. This mobile app is pure magic as it allows you to place grocery items in categories (ie: canned foods, meats, dairy, and more). And the app automatically remembers items that you’ve added in the past—you know those staples and your guilty pleasures that always need be picked up every grocery run. You can also place amounts of food, such as pieces (corn on the cob for instance), and weight (both lbs and ozs—perfect for baking recipes). All pretty worthwhile features, but my most favorite, although simple, is the fact this app doesn’t fall asleep, so you can carry it around and refer to it during your entire trip. Just beware; your shopping trips will most likely be shorter with this organizing tool.

Photo Printing and Passing

As you wrap up summer, and think of all the fond memories, don’t stop thinking. Realize that you want those memories to last and to be shared. Your digital photo albums on your desktop aren’t doing you any favors, and your Facebook and Flickr accounts are not as personable when you think about how photos used to be displayed—bring back the physical photo albums.

Feel like printing is just another chore? Don’t worry, with PicPlum.com you can simply upload your photos, email them to friends and family and even have them printed and mailed to your selected email recipients. Don’t make your friends scrounge through your Facebook albums to view photos, which with the latest Facebook upgrade they can’t even grab photos for their own use. Be organized, document important happenings and be certain to share them. With Picplum’s easy three step process, you can feel at ease knowing your memories aren’t just files stashed away on your computer or buried amongst your 34 Facebook albums.

Avoid Being a Social Disaster

You have tweets pouring in, Facebook updates are rising in count, photos to post to Flickr, LinkedIn connections to accept, and the list is far from over. If you’re like me, your Twitter and Facebook properties are two social media sites you frequent most. If you aren’t using HootSuite, signup today, as it conveniently displays your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Ping, WordPress, MySpace, Foursquare and Mixi updates on a single platform.

HootSuite also helps with planning and organizing your time management, as it allows you to conveniently schedule your posts, tweets, comments, etc. to go live. If you need to spread “real-time” news tomorrow, but have a full day of meetings, travel plans, assignments; all you have to do is create your content and pre-schedule it for launch.

Make your life feel more simplistic by making tasks more comprehensive (organized lists and notes), personable (looking at why it’s important to execute them) and tangible (keeping goals attainable).

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