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Notice Anything Different on Facebook? Big Changes are Happening

Notice Anything Different on Facebook? Big Changes are Happening 39886
If you’ve noticed that Facebook has been a little buggy lately, you’re not alone and there are several reasons why. In response to mounting competition, Facebook is in the process of rolling out major changes. Whether you are a Facebook power user, or only log on occasionally to view pictures of friends and family, this list of changes has something for everyone.

You No Longer Need 25 Fans To Get A Custom Page URL

Historically, a major pain point for Facebook page managers was the need to wait to accumulate the 25 fans necessary to create a custom page URL once a page had been created. Those vanity extensions go quickly, and it can be frustrating to watch some of the best fits for a brand disappear while you work to build your fan base. And who want to refer their earliest fans to a long, unmemorable URL with a bunch of numbers at the end. Well take heart. As of this week, once you hang that digital shingle, the option to select a vanity URL is yours.

Non-friends will be able to “subscribe” to your updates

The most Twitter-esque of recent changes, this is either terrifying or awesome depending upon who you ask. Either way, the ability to share your updates with the public (without sharing all your profile information) via a new “subscribe” button is being rolled out as I type. For public figures this is great, but if you’re more privacy oriented, now is the time to update your privacy settings.

Privacy Settings have a new look

How convenient! As user posting activity becomes more open, Facebook’s recent privacy changes provide timely updates to allow users to change their settings quickly and easily with fewer headaches than in the past. Gone are the nebulous categories and checkboxes. Now, the default options (“Everyone”) have been renamed as “Public”, and settings can be modified within individual posts or more substantively using the more streamlined Privacy Settings interface.

Email Summaries Replace Notification Overload

If you use Facebook for work like I do, real-time notifications (particularly for pages) are not only helpful - they’re critical. But if you’re one of the many people who have been driven crazy by Facebook notifications in the past, this change is for you.

Facebook Finally Gets it Right with Lists

If you’re a Google+ user, you’ve seen how incredibly useful lists can be when they're well executed. Facebook has taken notice, making MAJOR changes to its list functionality. Now, Facebook’s “Smart Lists” allow for more robust filtering and targeted posting, among other great features.

Facebook changes its mind constantly, but this is undeniably one of the most significant collection of changes we've seen in some time. Are you excited about what’s coming?


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