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What Consolidation Means for Digital Marketing

What Consolidation Means for Digital Marketing iMedia Editors
With this week's acquisition of EyeWonder by DG, we're starting to hear from advertisers and agencies who are speculating about what it means for the industry. Here's our take.

Consolidation in the industry is a sign that the rich media market has reached maturity and companies are trying to differentiate themselves. DG FastChannel acquired EyeWonder, adding it to earlier acquisitions of MediaMind and Unicast, apparently placing their bet on company size to win.

At PointRoll, we work with two-thirds of the Fortune 500 brands and know that the most important things we can deliver to them are (1) efficient ways to send a consolidated message to audiences across multiple touch points (mobile, social, video, circulars, out of home), along with (2) high-touch service to help them build and deliver powerful campaigns and realize their creative vision. That's why we're growing our business as a single point of entry for powerful multi-platform campaigns. The single point of entry is the crucial point here, and where we believe DG may struggle as they go through the growing pains of merging three distinct companies into one cohesive offering.

At the end of the day, this type of move is a good sign for the industry at large. It will certainly create some growing pains in the short term, but consolidation is a sign that the industry is out of infancy and heading into a new phase of growth.

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