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'X-Men: First Class' DVD Release Gets X-Cellent 3D Projection Mapping Promo (Video)

'X-Men: First Class' DVD Release Gets X-Cellent 3D Projection Mapping Promo (Video) Rick Mathieson
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NQOr6lx3AY[/youtube]The X-Men are at it again.

The official DVD release for one of this summer's biggest hits - "X-Men: First Class" got a first-class 3D projection mapping promo from Pearl Media in Los Angeles over the weekend.

I recently interviewed CEO Josh Cohen about the technology (part 1 starts here), what it costs, and how it's best used.

I think this particular promo does a nice job of hyping the launch - and had me wondering why the theatrical release didn't rate the same kind of action.

What's your reaction? X-traordinary show of force? Or pointless x-travagance ?

Rick Mathieson is an award-winning writer, author, speaker and frequent media commentator on marketing in the digital age. Heralded as “a strategic marketing expert” by Harvard Business School”s Working Knowledge, his insights on postmodern...

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