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4 Reasons Why All Companies Should Be Social Media Compliant

4 Reasons Why All Companies Should Be Social Media Compliant 38925

You run the social media department at a digital marketing agency. The culture of your company is pretty loosey goosey. Flip flops, ripped jeans and baseball caps are recommended attire. Sales staff spends nearly as much time tossing around your company branded Nerf football as they do booking meetings. What a cool place to work! What a fun, free-spirited atmosphere! You desperately need a strong social media compliance policy.

You’re probably reading that last line and thinking, “Um no. Anything that reeks of corporate will never fly here.” Well, when it comes to social, you should make it fly. Properly regulating social media shouldn’t be viewed as a negative. In fact, a compliant social media strategy can strengthen your messaging, build better relationships with existing clients and make you more attractive to potential clients. Here are four reasons why you should adhere to strict social media compliance:

1 – It’s not about you. It’s about establishing trust – If you’re like a lot of digital marketers, you have a vertical client focus. You have a primary niche. What if that niche was a highly compliance-based industry like finance or pharma? Keeping your own house in order may ultimately work in your favor.

2 – Mobile has changed the game. Don’t fail – Social is 24/7 thanks to mobile technology. It never sleeps. Neither should your compliance procedures. Social media compliance teams can review, revise or remove posts that seem too casual; i.e. the infamous drunken tweet.

3 – Tag you’re it. But hopefully not all of you - Be honest. What was your reaction to those holiday party pictures that your affiliate managers were tagged in, the ones of them in that heated hotel pool with very little clothing on and drinks in hand? Is that really how you want your business – yes, an ultra-hip digital marketing company is still a business – represented?

4 – Better compliance, better recruiting – If you use social as a recruiting tool, compliance could be your company’s new best friend. Before you explain how Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have successfully landed you top talent, take a moment to conduct an HR audit. Does your agency have high turnover rates? Are your employees more excited about ad:tech parties than procuring clients? A serious and compliant identity will help you weed out talent pretenders enabling your business to grow.

Remember, you can still be that tragically hip agency that industry pubs like to gush over. Being socially compliant doesn’t have to put the kibosh on your coolness. It might actually heat up your client and customer acquisitions.


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