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4 Ways Mobile Marketers Are Failing

4 Ways Mobile Marketers Are Failing Jason Wells
We all know mobile marketing is on the tipping point. It is going to explode. Mobile search will surpass desktop search by the end of 2013 or early 2014 according to sources ranging from Google to eMarketer. BIA/Kelsey says that mobile marketing will account for 70 billion phone calls to businesses in the U.S. by 2016 (right now the number is 20 billion calls from mobile devices). That's a lot more phone calls. Mobile marketing spend will increase by 5 to 10 times in the next 6 years.

Mobile marketing is still, right now, in its infancy and mobile marketers are, therefore, in some ways, failing. Here are the 4 biggest failures:

1. Wrong Metrics

It is old news that mobile marketing produces phone calls. Google and xAd both say that over 50% of mobile searches result in phone calls. BIA/Kelsey says the increase in mobile marketing spend will produce a similar increase in call volume to local businesses.


So why do mobile marketers insist upon measuring click-through-rate, abandon rate, web leads and time-on-site?

They should be tracking analytics surrounding phone calls. There is rich, rich data in phone calls that is being unused by marketers.

2. Bad Mobile Landing Pages

A mobile landing page is different that a regular landing page. There should not be a ton of form fields or content. Rather, there should be a 'Call Now' button, maybe a map lookup feature and--if you're feeling lucky--one form field to fill out. Mobile landing pages should be simple, simple, simple. Less is better. Less is more. Brevity is king.

3. Fail to Experiment

SearchEngineWatch says that only 12% of SMBs have a mobile website. The first way you fail at mobile marketing is if you don't attempt to do mobile marketing at all.

4. Rely on Google for Metrics

Google charges mobile click-to-call advertisers for every click their ads generate. The problem is this: not all of those clicks from a mobile device result in phone calls AND not all of those phone calls are real calls. Some are junk calls. Some are accidental clicks. Some are not qualified leads. Our research shows that only about 50% of the calls that Google says are calls are actually calls. (You got that)? And less than 15% are good, qualified leads.

The bottom line: if you are conducting a mobile click-to-call campaign (and you should) don't rely on Google to tell you how well it is working. You're going to need a tool that can decipher good calls from bad calls for you.

Jason Wells is the CEO of ContactPoint. Their new product, LogMyCalls, represents the next generation of intelligent call tracking and marketing automation. Prior to joining ContactPoint, Jason served as the Senior Vice President of Sony...

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