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Use Remarketing to Extend Your Online Presence

Use Remarketing to Extend Your Online Presence Leslie Van Zee
Some websites are using remarketing to increase their conversion rates.  Remarketing increases your website's success by allowing your ads to follow visitors around other sites they visit on the internet and remind them of what your website has to offer. In turn, this increases their chance they will remember your brand, and brings them back to (hopefully) buy your product or service.

How Exactly Does Remarketing Work?

Once an individual visits a website, a cookie is saved in their browser cache. This cookie can be for specific products that the individual viewed or just for the overall website. Once the individual leaves the website, any new websites that they visit will report the presence of the cookie to ad servers like Google's Doubleclick.  If an advertiser has placed a bid to buy ad impressions for that cookie, the ad server will then place a banner ad somewhere on the new website that will remind the viewer of the original website they visited. This encourages brand recognition and increases the chance of the individual returning to the original website. Studies have shown that as many as 70% of these individuals will buy a product or service from the website because of the banner ad.

What Are Some Of The Other Benefits Of Remarketing?

  • Once you have your website set up for remarketing it is automatic and you do not have to do anything else

  • You can run more than one remarketing campaign at a time

  • Remarketing is a way to build up advertising frequency

  • For businesses that have a narrowly-defined audience, remarketing makes banner advertising more effective

Is Remarketing Expensive?

Companies used to have to spend a lot of money in order to develop some form of brand recognition. Since the internet has grown and has made the process more automated, remarketing is a lot less expensive than what it used to be. Even companies with a small budget can usually afford to utilize remarketing in order to help their business grown. Many companies are just now beginning to try remarketing because they are seeing the results of other businesses using it successfully.

Leslie Van Zee is passionate about entrepreneurship and understanding what makes small businesses successful.  An avid fan of lean startups, she makes sure to get out of the building as much as possible in her role as manager of marketing...

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