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6 Tactics for Niche Marketing

If you've been doing any online marketing at all, your business is already on Twitter, Facebook and taking up space as an online advertisement on all eligible websites. However, aiming ads at your business’s niche market should be much more involved than merely creating a display ad that begs for Facebook “likes” or following as many Twitter users as possible in hopes they’ll return the favor. Here are six outside-the-box tactics to help you reach your niche market.

  • Fine-tune your copy: Carefully staging the appropriate SEO keyword phrases throughout your advertisements and blog postings will help draw targeted consumers to your website. For example, as your neighborhood’s resident yoga studio, you could create blog postings expounding upon “7 Heart-Healthy Yoga Positions” or “Yoga Options in Trinity, Florida.” You can better serve the interests of your niche market by researching phrases that your target consumers are searching on Google.

  • Utilize lifestyle marketing techniques: Seek your consumers in the places they frequent, and advertise to them there. Some imaginative thinking will come in handy here. When I worked as an intern at a music marketing firm, we placed strategic stacks of CD samplers and indie rock band stickers in trendy boutiques, head shops and music venues. People who buy trendy indie music also shop for trendy indie clothes, after all.

  • Partner up: Consider working closely with companies that provide services within your realm of expertise but that aren't directly competing with you. These “sister companies” will help your business spread its good name throughout the community, exposing it to clients who may not have discovered it otherwise. Great combinations include makeup artists and event photographers, freelance graphic designers and copywriters, and fitness trainers and nutritionists.

  • Dispense freebies: The thought of giving anything away for free may feel like a crushing blow to the small business owner, but doing so will create a reliable path to lead niche customers right to your shop. If your company happens to sell high-end jars of Beluga caviar, contact a select few upscale culinary bloggers and offer to partner up for a reader giveaway. When the blogger writes up a post about your freebies, he just may provide your company with some of the greatest PR it has ever experienced.

  • Court the tastemakers: You know these influential people. They’re the ones in key positions to influence a body of your potential clients or customers. If you run a restaurant, reach out to your city’s local food bloggers and attempt to form a professional liaison. Having someone with an arsenal of consumer outreach at their fingertips creates such advantages that many businesses actually sponsor events to bring tastemakers together in one place.

  • Sell yourself: Take the face of your company out into the community and meet members of your actual niche market. Targeting potential consumers is never easier than when you’re selling yourself – join local groups, attend meetings or conventions, and set up booths at celebratory events like parades and festivals. Here is where you’ll be able to personally meet with those you seek.

Have other ideas for reaching a niche market? The best part about online marketing is that you have many options for how to target a specific audience.  For more suggestions, check out the blog at Vantage Local, where we focus on tactics for local advertisers using targeted display advertising.

Leslie Van Zee is passionate about entrepreneurship and understanding what makes small businesses successful.  An avid fan of lean startups, she makes sure to get out of the building as much as possible in her role as manager of marketing...

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