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Cyber Monday Ad Metrics Jump, Mobile Clicks Skyrocket 1293%

Cyber Monday Ad Metrics Jump, Mobile Clicks Skyrocket 1293% Michael Froggatt
Cyber Monday is one of the busiest days on the web, bar none. Most of the attention gets thrown to retailers, with several research and trade organizations projecting behemoth stats for both user and sales figures: comScore estimated that online sales for the day reached $1.47 billion.

MediaMind recently analyzed the impact that Cyber Monday plays across the internet advertising ecosystem and recorded large jump in both impressions served and engagement. MediaMind’s platform served 46.2% more standard banner, video and rich media impressions on Cyber Monday in 2012 than 2011. In addition, the total number of clicks rose 40.0% for an average CTR of 0.14%.

As smartphones and tablets become more common in the home and people continue to show a willingness to browse and shop on them, consumer-oriented brands are purchasing ads to reach their engaged mobile customers. In 2012, MediaMind’s platform served 220% more mobile standard banners than on Cyber Monday 2011. Mobile clicks skyrocketed a staggering 1293%, an almost thirteen-fold increase. While some of these can be attributed to fat fingers, the sheer magnitude of clicks indicates a broader  trend of rising mobile engagement. As a result, mobile standard banner CTR jumped to 1.54% for the day.

The importance of Cyber Monday is spreading beyond the at-work customer and reaching the on-the-go mobile consumer. Increasingly, retailers are turning to mobile as a sales channel, especially via advanced smartphones and tablets. But consumer oriented brands are beginning to capitalize on mobile customer’s engagement with ads, as well.

Cyber Monday might be an exaggerated example of the current digital marketplace, but a different way of thinking is that it highlights what is possible when consumers are hyper-connected.

Michael Froggatt is Principal Research Analyst at Sizmek. In his role, Michael is responsible for providing thought leadership for Sizmek customers as well as the advertising industry as a whole. He is charged with authoring industry whitepapers,...

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