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How to Be the Best Booth at the Trade Show

How to Be the Best Booth at the Trade Show iMedia Editors
There are dozens of different booths at a trade show, and some booths may promote similar products.  Because of the many booths available, it can be difficult to make one’s booth stand out so that it is sure to attract plenty of attention.  Getting attention is very important because, according to Forbes, trade shows are especially important to small businesses as they help “attract investors, partners and customers quickly and efficiently.”  There are a few things one can do, though, to make sure they have the best booth at a trade show and increase awareness for their product or company.  Read below for a few tips.

Have enough staff available to interact with potential customers. Flying solo or just bringing along one extra person to a trade show can save money, but if the exhibit garners a lot of attention as it should, it can do more harm than good by not having extra representatives of the company available to help answer people’s questions.  Having plenty of energetic, friendly representatives who are eager to answer any questions related to the product being promoted is part of the recipe for having the best booth at a trade show.

Make part of the display fun. People love games and prizes, so make them part of the exhibit.  Trade show attendees can get burned out from walking to display after display, so help them feel refreshed—and guarantee that they will remember the exhibit—by incorporating something fun and interactive into the display.  Set up a game or a prize wheel and offer small prizes such as a keychain or tote bag with the product brand on it.  If possible, even offer a drawing for a larger prize and have people submit their information to enter, which can help with business leads.

Go with a custom design. One of the goals of setting up an exhibit at a trade fair should be to set the exhibit apart from everyone else, and if that doesn’t happen, that hurts the chances of having the best booth.  Instead of going with the most popular design, get assistance from a company such as Smash Hit Displays to help with a custom design.  Using a custom display design that complements the product one is selling is a good way to attract lots of attention and can help one’s booth be the best at the show.  For example, if someone sells organic food, they can set up an exhibit that looks like a produce stand.  Or, if the product one is promoting is a television brand, they could set up the display to look like one’s living room or man cave.  Not only would this get people to stop by, it would also give them a feel for how the product would look in their home.  Displays like these would really set the company apart from other trade show displays and competitors.

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