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Mobile Insights from Cyber Monday 2012

Mobile Insights from Cyber Monday 2012 Gerad Hoyt
Most of us in the digital marketing field have heard plenty about how big Cyber Monday was this year - online sales reached a record $1.98 Billion according to Adobe's Digital Index.

While interesting, the thing that truly stood out to me was the explosion of sales via mobile devices. In just one year from 2011 to 2012 mobile sales increased by 234% to $436 Million! This jump to seems to be more than just the march of progress to a more mobile consumer but a foreshadowing of a larger movement that every digital marketer needs to be thinking about. While consumer usage of smartphones is very high, the purchasing power and behavior have yet to catch up, however the data from Cyber Monday as well as various reports is beginning to show that the tide is turning.

Purchasing behavior is on the verge of exploding

Over the past 3 years the percentage of eCommerce dollars spent from mobile devices has steadily climbed as a result of 1.) Rapid developments in smartphones and evolution in their functionality and 2.) More consumers using their mobile devices as their first or only form of internet access, especially those in rural areas that have been under served by high speed internet providers. comScore estimates that in Q4 2012, mobile devices will reach close to 13% of all online sales.

Mobile isn't done Growing Either

While many of us would be shocked to hear that the mobile market isn't totally saturated yet, but it's true. To date, there are still approximately 110 million people in the US that haven't moved to a smartphone yet. On top of this, the segment that will truly create a skyrocket in mobile sales is the growth of tablets. While tablets have only been available on the commercial market for 3 years and already has reach 40 million units - a number that took smartphones 9 years to reach! With the arrival of mini tablets this segment is poised to grow even more over the next 2 years. With this in mind, by 2015 the IDC projects that more users in the US will access the internet via mobile devices than wireline/desktop devices.

What this means for marketers

For the digital marketer this is a great opportunity to begin to cater to mobile consumers more directly before the market hits full matured and competition expands. Those who fail to test within this growing market segment will be a great disadvantage than those who already testing the waters of mobile eCommerce. What are your thoughts on the increase in mobile over the coming years and what difference will it make to you as a digital marketer? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Gerad Hoyt is an online marketer working with wireless internet provider Broadband Blue. Previously he worked in an agency where he lead SEO for a variety of clients within the IT services & software industry and has also managed over $1 million...

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