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The Best Best Lists That List Recaps of Marketing 2012

The Best Best Lists That List Recaps of Marketing 2012 Adam Leiter
2012 was about more than the Facebook IPO and how Call Me Maybe revolutionized social music marketing. Here's a look at some of the best top lists of marketing in the past year.

It’s the end of the year as we know it, and I feel…like I’m under a LOT of pressure to come up with some type of recap highlighting the best of everything that the world of marketing brought us in 2012. So much happened that affected how we’ll practice our craft in the next year in terms of strategy, ability and best practices…and that’s just barely covering the Gangnam Style phenomenon.

We all have expectations of which big marketing, social media and advertising efforts will top the myriad lists across the Internet. It’s lots of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Superbowl memories, and while they're certainly worth revisiting, I’d rather give a tip of the hat to others that did a great job compiling the accomplishments in our industry this year.

Here are my Top Five Top Lists Articles of 2012:

  1. Social Media Examiner has pulled together a helpful list of their best articles in 2012 for those of us looking for tips and guidance.

  2. VentureBeat recaps the top social media stories that had an impact on business and innovation.

  3. Kim Celestre from Forrester gives us a dozen social marketing highlights from the B2B world.

  4. WSJ.com has a pretty great list of the Best and Worst ads of 2012, and I HIGHLY (pun intended) agree with the top choice of the Red Bull space jump.

  5. And for the infographic lover in us all, a fantastic recap of the State of Social Media for 2012.

“Only five?!?!” you say…”Surely there are more top top articles than that?”

Well sure, but we don’t need to become overly redundant in terms of what is being covered, and besides…I’d rather hear from you about what I missed including.

In the meantime, have a wonderful last couple days of 2012 and here’s to a fantastic 2013!

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