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Top Ten: Disney asks Facebook fans to share, and do they ever.

Top Ten: Disney asks Facebook fans to share, and do they ever. Doug Schumacher
With Facebook Shares now tracked alongside Likes and Comments, marketers are becoming more in tune with the nuances of engagement. And most would probably agree that someone Sharing the brand’s content with their friends is a high indicator of brand ambassadorship.

This week, Disney not only got an exceptional overall engagement rate, of .27% of their fan base, but did it with a post that also generated the highest Share rate of the week: 24% of Disney’s engagements on that post were people Sharing it with their friends. For comparison, of the Ten most engaging posts featured here, the next highest Share % was 14%, and the average was 9%. Pretty impressive.

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Here's the image Disney posted, with the headline "Smile! Pass it on."

Disney's Facebook post that drove high sharing

And here are this week's top posts from the top ten brands. If you'd like to see more data like this to help with your Facebook page content strategies, sign up for a FREE TRIAL of Zuum by simply registering.

Zuum data on Disney's highly shared Facebook post

Doug Schumacher is the co-founder of social media content strategy tool Zuum. Zuum reveals a number of key insights into what type of social media content will generate maximum impact for a given industry. His interactive career began in 1996...

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