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Top Ten: Entertainment brand MTV shows the power of "Facebook Exclusive" content

Top Ten: Entertainment brand MTV shows the power of "Facebook Exclusive" content Doug Schumacher
Brands have offered Facebook exclusives prior to this week's MTV "Facebook Exclusive". But MTV is both a content production and broadcast company. More than most brands, they like to have the content experience take place on their own site, where they can most readily monetize it.

So it certainly wasn't a light decision for them to offer "Facebook Exclusive" content. And they're certainly looking at the results to see how well the offer worked. MTV posted 30 times last week -- more than double the next closest brand in our Top Ten. And this was their most popular post of the week.

Below is the image they offered. You can click through to view the post, or see it in the chart below the photo. Notice the prominence of the "Facebook Exclusive" offer.

MTVs Facebook Exclusive post that pulled the top engagement

Below is this week's Top Ten. You can click through to see any of the actual posts.

Zuum's most engaging content posts on Facebook

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Doug Schumacher is the co-founder of social media content strategy tool Zuum. Zuum reveals a number of key insights into what type of social media content will generate maximum impact for a given industry. His interactive career began in 1996...

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