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How Your Business Can Benefit From File Sharing

How Your Business Can Benefit From File Sharing iMedia Editors
file sharingYou may immediately conjure up memories of the early days of illegal music downloads when the term file sharing is discussed.

However, with businesses transitioning to the cloud and online programs, file sharing is helping businesses make the move from filing cabinets to the online world. With increased convenience, reliability and efficiency, it's a smart move for every growing business. But, before choosing any one provider, be sure to research the variety of software options and tools available to you.

Business Organization

As your business grows, the need for better organization does as well. More customers, means more paperwork, more employees and more information to keep in place. With the right file sharing software, you can be sure all your important documents are in one place, not sprawled in a mess across your desk. There are a number of common features that will elevate your business organization.

  • Notifications: When new documents are uploaded, edited or removed, email alerts can be sent out. This allows you to stay on top of long term projects or have up to the minute details on important documents.

  • Instant access: Never search through your email for that missing document or be out of the loop on a business trip. Have your documents wherever you go, regardless of where that is.

  • Custom build: Most programs allow you to customize the filing systems you use, and integrate with other important software, such as your document management software, making the program more robust.

Easy Sharing

You need a document? Oh, just email it. Wait, you forgot the attachment, or sent it to the wrong email address, or forgot to CC the customer. While email is an effective way of communicating on a daily basis, it’s not the best vehicle for document sharing. KeepandShare.com suggests,File sharing programs that have a simple interface make it easy to upload your files and then email a link to clients or coworkers – and they can download the file in just moments.” Document sharing made even easier.

  • Real-time editing updates: Whether a customer electronically signs a document or your assistant completes an important project, you can see and add details in real time, keeping everyone on the same page.

  • Designate: Not every employee or customer should have access to the entire program. Assign which folders or vaults each person can access so the right information is shared only with people that need to see it.

3 Points to Remember

Purchasing file sharing software can be a strategic investment for your growing business. Easy access to important files makes everyone more productive and allows for greater efficiency. However, there are three points to remember before purchasing.

  • Shared versus private: If your business needs a significant amount of space and flexibility, be sure to consider investing in a private server versus shared.

  • User accounts: To make the most of your software, you’ll want to purchase a program that allows you to have unlimited users. This way, important customers, partners and employees can all have access to what they need.

  • Security: The issue of security often comes up with cloud based programs. Check with the company about their security practices, such as secure SSL logins, encryption, etc.

Photo credit: techquark.com

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