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15 Social Media Wordpress Plugins for 2012

15 Social Media Wordpress Plugins for 2012 Noemi Madrid
Social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter have motivated businesses and corporations all over to take advantage of the sheer volume of users on these social media websites. Here is a list of plugins for Wordpress,  that should help your social media efforts!

  1. Flexo Facebook Manager: this handy little plugin allows you to integrate Facebook into your web site. This means that not only will people be reading your materials, but they will also have the ability to share it on Facebook, as well as use their facebook accounts through your website! This gives you way more movement in your site. Share your custom fan pages. Created by: flexo studio

  2. Google+ Page Badge: this plugin gives you the ability to have a widget on the side of your page which will give people access to their Google+ accounts. What does this mean? This means that when they click this, all of their friends and contacts on Google+ will also see your blog, which means that you get lots more traffic! The more people you have coming, the more chances you have of having a company advertise with you. Handy huh? Created by: bkmacdaddy

  3. Social Connect Widget: this plugin gives you a widget that you can place on your page. This widget has links to all of the most popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This means that not only are there new backlinks to your web site, but you also have more people visiting your site! Created by: Scrybes WordPress Hosting

  4. Storify: this plugin allows you to embed a storify story into your posts. This, again, means that you now have more links to high traffic social media websites. This improves your SEO, which in turn gives you a higher rating with search engines, and more opportunities for traffic to see your page. Created by: Storify

  5. Facebook Likebox Slider: Facebook is one of the most searched for items on the web. This plugin gives your website Facebook headers, faces, and streams. This means that when people search for Facebook, your web page will come up more often, and you'll have lots of people seeing your page more! Here come the advertisers! Created by: ARScode

  6. Garee's Flickr Feed: a handy little plugin that allows you to embed and integrate pictures from your Flickr account into your blog. This means that you have more connections and links to other sites, specifically Flickr, which gives you increased SEO and more through traffic from Flickr. Created by: garee

  7. Facebook Comments: this replaces the typical Wordpress comments with Facebook comments. People who visit your site will be able to leave comments on your blog through Facebook. This helps you by giving more people easier access to your site. This means that they will visit it more, and, once again, it creates links to Facebook. SEO increases. Created by: AndersonMaki

  8. Pinterest Pinboard Widget: apparently there is yet another social media site called Pinterest. This plugin gives you access to a widget that you can use to create pinboards on your blog page. This helps you to make your web page look more fancy and sophisticated, and brings in more people. Created by: codefish

  9. PressAboutUs: this widget gives reviews and the latest news about your web page, on your web page. It is a great way to get information about how your page is doing and what you can do to improve it. Also will help people to know if your page is worth visiting. Make it worth visiting! Created by: Yauhen Pacheuski

  10. EZ Texting SMS Notifications: this is a really cool plugin for the die hard blog fan. It gives your viewers the chance to sign up to be notified by text message on their phone whenever you post or blog about something new! This means that you can keep fans easier, and helps your “cool factor.” Created by: eztexting

  11. Kindle This: this plugin is very unique: it allows one of your web pages on your blog to be converted into Kindle pages. This means that your pictures and links won't appear properly, but you could potentially get a lot more viewers if you expand your blog to Kindle as well! Created by: Keith P. Graham

  12. SpaceFace and the Rest: an interesting plugin that gives you the ability to link Facebook, YouTube and MySpace all at once to your blog. This can be great as you can post your blogs not just on your site, but on three highly successful media pages as well. Lots of new traffic for you! Created by: jozik

  13. Social Author Bio: this plugin gives you the ability to write a short bio about yourself on your page. Right below the bio will be links of your choice to social media websites such as Facebook and Google+. This will help people to know you better, and give them the opportunity to share your post with millions of users! Created by: nickpowers

  14. WordPress Social Login: this plugin allows people to log in to Wordpress using their favourite social networking site and gives them the ability to leave comments and view the blogs. This means that it gives them much easier access to view your page, which means more traffic, which means increased chances of advertisers! Yay! Created by: miled

  15. Social Sharing Toolkit: another plugin that allows you to share your Facebook and other social media web sites through your blog and web site. Increased traffic and SEO are your reward. Created by: Author not listed


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