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Amazon.com answers your questions!

Amazon.com answers your questions! iMedia Editors
I'm thrilled that Amazon.com VP Lisa Utzschneider is opening ad:tech San Francisco next week with her keynote address, "Amazon: It’s Day 1 for Advertisers. " At the end of her session I'll ask Lisa questions posed by readers of this blog-- so ask away in the comments!

Background: Amazon first transformed book buying, then all retail, then the books themselves, then added cloud computing, and now they've set their sites on digital advertising. How will their combination of customer reach, technology and personalization to serve brands? To paraphrase Urban Airship CEO Scott Kveton, can Amazon own the entire value chain?

Here's a sample question to get your juices flowing:

“How should marketers be thinking about Amazon in their media mix – can it be both brand and e-commerce?”

Can you ask a better one?

See you at ad:tech San Francisco!

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