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First Look: Social Media (Marketing) Evangelist Job Description

First Look: Social Media (Marketing) Evangelist Job Description Kent Lewis
Last month, I wrote Why You Should Fire Your Social Media Marketing Manager, which turned the traditional Social Media Marketing Manager job description upside down. As a result, the post generated healthy discussion and feedback. One reader requested a more detailed Social Media Evangelist job description in his comment, so I decided to create one.

Social Media Evangelist Job Overview:

Unlike a Social Media Marketing Manager role steeped in tactical execution, the role of the Social Media Evangelist is that of that of a strategic planner, manager, trainer and facilitator. Essentially, the Evangelist is Chief Brand Officer/CMO/Editor-in-Chief/HR Director all wrapped into one. Instead of being the single voice for the company, the Evangelist manages the overall voice of the company, as created by employees at all levels. Notice the term “Marketing” is dropped from the job title, since the responsibilities of the Evangelist expand well beyond marketing into R&D, customer service and sales. The Evangelist is responsible for the company’s overall presence in social media, and that the brand is accurately represented across all departments/divisions.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develops and manages overall social media strategy (objectives, metrics, strategies & tactics, timeline, accountabilities)

  • Identifies, selects and manages outside vendors and third party tools

  • Ensures all corporate social profiles are properly claimed, optimized, promoted and managed

  • Manages brand voice of company in social media

  • Creates Social Media Employee Policy/Guidelines for HR

  • Trains employees to monitor & engage in social media

  • Facilitates content creation by approved/certified employees

  • Manages and analyzes reporting across company

  • Responsible for keeping employees updates on evolving technology, trends and tools

  • Works with senior management to ensure social media is integrated into the cultural fabric

Required Knowledge & Experience:

  • 1+ years of customer service experience

  • 2+ years of PR/marketing experience

  • 3+ years’ experience with social media platforms

  • 4+ years of management experience

  • Relevant industry experience preferred

  • Bachelor degree in communications, social psychology or business preferred

Desirable Talents & Skills:

  • Highly organized

  • Self-motivated

  • Energetic and enthusiastic

  • Natural born leader/evangelist

  • Inquisitive by nature

  • Proficient written and verbal communications

  • Team player

Next Steps:

If you’re interested in hiring and developing a Social Media Evangelist in your company, the first step is customizing this template to work for your business. Start by modifying the Overview to incorporate your company’s culture, needs, objectives and available resources. Next, make sure the Responsibilities map to current (or future) organizational structure. Third, ensure talents and skills are accurately reflected, especially considering organizational size, shape and culture. Consider conducting research to determine what competitors and other industry players are doing in this area, especially salaries. Budget $50-120K for this role, depending on desired level of experience, industry, company size and geographic location of the position. Happy Evangelist hunting!

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