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#Pinterest CEO Confirms Profile Re-Design This Week

#Pinterest CEO Confirms Profile Re-Design This Week Samantha Goddard
I could not be more excited, no seriously.

“I collected insects, I collected stamps…I was obsessed with this idea that what you collect says something about who you are.” And so, Ben Silbermann gave birth to @Pinterest.

If you haven’t heard already, Pinterest CEO and co-founder Ben Silbermann, has confirmed the company is set to release re-designed profiles this week.

Joining the ranks of other social media darlings, Silbermann attended and spoke at #SXSW, stating  “I’m so excited about it…we wanted to make it more beautiful…to make your profile different in kind than the profile you have on Facebook.”

Smart move.

He also talked about the site’s original design. “We labored over that grid,” he said. “There were literally dozens of that which were fully coded. We felt like, if your collections didn’t look awesome, if they weren’t beautiful, why would anyone spend the time to build them?” A seemingly simple concept, but few truly realize the impact a compelling social sharing and engagement environment can have on generating demand and adoption.

He then went on to emphasize the “discovery” features rolled into the re-design, making user discovery of similar-interest communities easier. In addition, the re-design would allow for users to more prevalently illustrate their re-pinned images to their connections.

For all the avid pinners out there, what is even more exciting about the re-design will be the ability to expand the types of content being pinned. Up for grabs: pinning video from #Vimeo, #Hulu and #Netflix, among others. An iPad app as well as a public API are also being developed.

Stay tuned for more, and check out R2integrated's Pinterest page.

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