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Streaming Video for Product Launches

Streaming Video for Product Launches Dan Roche
It’s time to release your latest product or service, and you are tasked with developing the most compelling launch out there. Sure, you can offer giveaways or select a trendy venue, but how are you going to really engage your audience and get sustained value? How do you make your product stand out when new items are launched daily?

Streaming video is dynamic. You can deliver a focused message that reaches your audience and drives sales. That’s the end goal after all, right? Although businesses are more receptive to the use of online video, we’ve all experienced clients, bosses or team members that are hesitant about implementation.

If you are thinking about making the jump to streaming video as part of your product or service launch strategy, here are some benefits to consider and ways to utilize online video:

Pre-Launch/Launch Tactics

Generate Excitement

Prior to a product launch, issuing a video teaser gives your audience a glimpse of the innovative features and benefits of your product or service. It will also help generate buzz and induce excitement about its release. Hopefully, it compels your audience to test or purchase the product too. You might even be lucky enough for the video to go viral!

Grow Your User Base

Streaming video is an excellent way to expand audience reach. By incorporating online video, you offer customers a clear, quick way to see your product and how it works. For people that conduct online research prior to a purchase (me!), this is definitely a way for your product or service to stand out.

A video product demonstration is also a perfect complement to an in-person launch event and as a means to extend the product or service “experience” to a newer and/or wider audience. If you are hosting a launch party, you can create a hybrid event (a mix of in-person and virtual guests) and stream coverage to increase attendance. Since this video can be viewed live and on-demand, it’s especially helpful for those who may have missed a portion of the presentation (e.g. arriving late to the event, distracted by an email or text during the product demonstration) or who were unable to travel due to scheduling or budget restrictions.

Customer Testimonials

Creating an online video for a launch event is a great way to showcase your product and user base. A customer testimonial can put a human face on a typical guided tour video, and your audience will be able to envision itself using the product. I know I definitely respond more to word-of-mouth referrals over company-issued advertisements, and video testimonials from real customers provide that recommendation often needed to drive a purchase.


Customer Support

Following a successful launch, customers may have questions regarding set up or particular features. It’s usually easier for me to follow along with a step-by-step customer support video to address some of my “frequently asked questions” than to constantly go back and forth with written instructions.

Cross Promotion and On-Demand Life

One of the greatest ROI values of a good product video is its ability to keep giving over time. Your video can be promoted as part of other elements of your campaign, so if you have landing pages for product information, rebates or giveaways, you have easy access to continue promoting the new offering. The bottom line is that if the video is paid for and well-developed, you need to use it for all it’s worth.

Social Media Interaction and Outreach

Once your product is launched, online videos are great tools to share through social media channels. People love to share their knowledge of the latest and greatest product with their family and friends, so develop a fun promotional video (a la Dollar Shave Club http://bit.ly/GSRlIG) that can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube pages.  Best practice or how-to videos are also useful to share with your user community.

Product Updates

If software updates become available and/or there are new tools offered based on these upgrades, online video can show the necessary steps involved. Streaming media is a useful method for demonstrating the benefits of these new features and functionality, and how the product/service differentiates itself from others on the market. In other words, it illustrates why someone should choose your product over your competitor!

While no communication method can solely replace face-to-face interaction, streaming media can help complement in-person launch initiatives. Video communication offers an additional opportunity to better serve current and prospective clients, which provides more chances to gain customer feedback, enhance product innovation, maintain loyal customer relationships, and, drum roll please, increase sales.

Dan has over 10 years of experience in webcasting sales and marketing. He is responsible for marketing communications, specifically overseeing product and support efforts. Prior to joining TalkPoint, he held several sales and marketing-related...

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