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When it Comes to Google, What Should SEO's Focus On?

When it Comes to Google, What Should SEO's Focus On? Samantha Goddard
SEOAt R2integrated, we often get a lot of questions on how Google looks at your site, what ranking signals should you or should you not focus/worry about. So, here’s a quick and dirty list to help get you started.

Focus on the reason why people would link to you. Ask the following questions:

  • Why would visitors seek you out in the first place?

  • What valuable content do you have on your site

  • Why would visitors find your site compelling and/or memorable?

Quick Expert Tips:

  • Make sure your content is crawlable & reachable via quality links

  • Create links with good URL structure

  • Create good titles

  • Research the keywords people are using to search and get to your site, then incorporate those keywords into the content on your page

  • Create copy that flows naturally. Read it out loud- let others read it. It should flow naturally and fluidly

All in all…Concentrate on creating a site that is compelling and rewarding for visitors, as this is what Google is looking for when returning results.

Have some more questions? Email me or leave me a comment below.

Through her career, Mrs. Goddard has held senior marketing leadership roles in organizations such as Clear Channel Communications and Dow Jones Reuters Business Interactive LLC (formerly known as Factiva), a holding company of 2B Reputation...

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