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13 Trends in 2013: #2 Marketing turns upside down

Through electronic word of mouth and online reviews, consumers will market to other consumers.  Because marketers cannot control this, they will need to reward consumers for positive marketing reviews, offering incentives.  To reach individual consumers, marketers will need to use micro-targeting techniques that offer personalized messages.

The traditional marketing concept of "push and pull" will lose effectiveness as a result of the power that consumers gain through the two-way dialog of social media.  The social interactions provided by social media platforms will turn marketing techniques upside down, placing consumers in the role of marketers.

As you are planning for 2013, your business will find itself facing questions concerning the social impact of your business and brand.  Winnie Hart and Lorrie Lee from TwinEngine share 13 in 2013 – Social Media Marketing trends that will take flight.

#2 Marketing turns upside down

- We are all marketers now

- Evolution from 'all about us' to 'all about them'

- Two-way marketing strategies support social shift - monolog to dialog marketing

- Agencies are challenged to develop new models

- Campaigns are no longer flat - need for integrated strategy and plan

- More targeted, more relevant, more effective

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Download the complete infographic here.

At the head of TwinEngine is Winnie Hart, an inspired, award-winning designer, along with her identical twin sister Lorrie Lee, a savvy interpreter of business brand and personality. Together, they have collaborated with some of the the largest...

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