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4 Ways to Give Thanks for Your Clients on Social

4 Ways to Give Thanks for Your Clients on Social 38925
The holiday season is officially upon us. This is a time for good food, wine, friends, and family. It all starts on Thanksgiving Day when turkey and football take center stage. There will be plenty of gobble-inspired social memes to go around, which is all well and great for your personal social network. But what about taking the time to express your gratitude and appreciation to your clients not only on Thanksgiving but throughout the year? On social, it’s never too late to say thank you in creative and potentially results-driving ways. Here are four strategies for giving thanks and perhaps getting something to be thankful for in return.

1 – Make Your Thanks Go Viral – Sure, you could have your social media community manager post a thank you card on your news feed or company page. Or you could create a thank you video that you share with specific clients, groups, or customers. Videos go viral when they connect with viewers on an emotional level. Make ‘em laugh. Make ‘em cry ugly tears. Either way, you’ll make a holiday memory that resonates for the long-term.

2 – Drive Social Goodness – It used to be that companies would give a blank check to their philanthropic causes in order to feel better about themselves. Financial donations no longer cut the mustard, especially in the age of social media. Customers want to engage with corporations who are providing a social benefit in addition to a popular product. Thank your clients by offering your services to promote their favorite charity. This will build your social good cred with potential business partners and make you seem more trustworthy to prospective customers.

3 – Say Thank You With a Guest Blog – We all know that company blogs drive traffic to websites and social media sites. Traffic means potential leads and sales. But it’s the holiday season. Sharing is caring. Invite a client or customer to either contribute to your blog or, better yet, devote a blog or two or however many you like to help your client drive traffic to their sites. What could be more social than that?

4 – Don’t Settle for Pimping a Discount – There are differing opinions on this. Some people still believe in couponing as an ultimate driver of customers and sales. It has its merits but it’s also sooooo 2010. And two years is an eternity in social media. I’m not saying taking 20% off an item via a social deal isn’t worth considering as long as you don’t stop there. Giving your clients and customers sales-related perks – new and existing – should be a consistent strategy. Show your partners and consumer base that you appreciate them 365/24/7 with a robust thank you campaign this holiday season. Listen to them. Learn from them. Remember 1, 2, and 3 before you hedge your bets on 4.

Instead of cleverly summarizing this blog in its final paragraph, let me take a moment to thank everyone who has ever read my monthly contribution to the online marketing space. I truly appreciate your feedback, shares, tweets, and comments. I’d love to know how you think I could improve or which topics you’d like me to opine over. Also, feel free to tell me to never use the word opine again. Thank you.


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