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5 Apps to Market While You Travel

5 Apps to Market While You Travel iMedia Editors
Entrepreneurs and small business owners never rest, always working to refine their businesses, cut costs, squeezing every penny of profit out of their equipment, tirelessly doing research to get cheaper liability and car insurance, always adding to that bottom line. Time is precious to those who work for themselves, and idle time is money wasted. Even on the road, being self-employed means finding a way to market one’s business, and with mobile phones and tablets, life for entrepreneurs can be made easier by using these five iPhone apps to market their business as they travel.

1)     iContact Email Marketing

Contacts in the field are some of the most valuable an entrepreneur can collect. iContact Email Marketing can help a small business owner sort out contacts one might collect from trade shows and networking events, schedule a send for a prepared marketing blast, and check statistics like email bounces, clicks, and more all in real time. Support from iContact is available right from an iPhone, perfect for those that are on the go.

2)     Marketing Forecast by Ad-ology

In today’s information driven business world, it pays to stay up to date with the latest marketing strategies. Marketing Forecast allows busy marketers and business owners to stay up-to-date on the latest marketing trends with more than just advice; it offers videos, real time trending keywords for Google, U.S. economic trends, and the latest buzz in social media. Everything a traveler needs to stay current without being chained to a desk!

3)     Constant Contact Quickview

For ConstantContact customers, this free app allows management of contacts and lists, and connection to those contacts through email or phone calls. This application also allows email marketing on the go using handy mobile templates, which include titles, texts and links, and a picture can be added using the iPhone’s camera. One can even schedule when the email is to be sent, track the progress of the campaign, see who has opted out, and other important campaign statistics.

4)     I Spy Analytics

Results are the name of the game in any business, and marketing online is no different. I Spy Analytics is a great way to stay ahead of the market when it comes to analyzing a business’ Google Analytics on the go. Everything in the Google dashboard is included so small business owners can monitor their success while out on the road, so changes to their campaigns can be made on the fly.

5)     Business Plan and Coach

Every good business starts with a plan; a plan that outlines the business, but is flexible enough to change when needed. The Business Plan and Coach is designed to help both the tech and brick-and-mortar startup stay on track, and change their plan when needed. A must have app, and it is free.

Contacts, analytics, and business savvy are all required in today’s business environment, no matter where a business is conducted. Staying informed while traveling is a must. These apps can provide the dedicated business owner with the tools to stay sharp, and stay profitable.

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