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A Case for Space

The days of showing up to work and immersing yourself in the humdrum life behind cubicle walls (essentially nullifying your existence from the immediate world around you for 8 hours a pop) until you leave at 5pm are going the way of the dinosaur. Claustrophobia has never been cool, and the feeling of dread one gets from not interacting with the world around them has become unbearable, and this type of office environment stifles aspects of today's economy that are becoming increasingly important: collaboration and creativity.

As technologies evolve and work needs change, companies like Google, Facebook, Pandora and Urban Outfitters are spearheading the charge in creating an encouraging space to foster creativity, innovation, contemplation, and collaboration. The success of these companies has changed the way businesses judge success.

This need to collaborate with co-workers on projects, or simply obtain a response to a 10-second question before the day is out, has brought about the need to create open space within the modern office.

via: Plantronics & Office Snapshots

Neil works as a Digital PR Manager at Column Five Media @columnfive, a creative marketing agency specializing in data visualization and infographic design. He's passionate about the future of social media and how good design will become a bigger...

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