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Experiences of Poor Integrated Marketing and Data

Experiences of Poor Integrated Marketing and Data Jason Elkins
When you work within customer contact, data management and digital marketing it’s amazing just how noticeable instances of poor execution become. In a recent blog I explored a recent experience I had with a major cinema’s online ordering system and subsequent marketing.

Being a regular cinema goer I have an online account which I regularly use to book tickets. In this instance however after booking my tickets for the latest Bond film, Skyfall, I received a marketing message telling me that there were still tickets available at my local cinema. It led me to worry my order hadn’t been completed and with my professional hat on, clearly demonstrated poor integration between the ordering system and the marketing data.

Essentially the blog covers why it’s important for companies to use data correctly if they are going to collect it and highlights the confusion that can occur when different systems don’t speak to each other effectively.  I’ve also included some of the key tips on how companies can make the most of integrating their customer data and marketing campaigns to achieve positive customer experiences.

I have two main roles at EWA, the primary being EWA’s Sales and Marketing Manager. With assistance from other senior members of the EWA team, I am responsible for growing EWA’s portfolio of clients through proactive marketing, lead...

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