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How Dynamic Are Those Ads?

Making online ads dynamic increases reader engagement and boost conversion rates, but you must be careful how you implement them. Overuse of dynamic elements in your ads can be counterproductive as poor design can backfire, so proceed with caution when designing your ads.

What Makes an Ad Dynamic

Something that is dynamic is characterized by constant change. To say we live in a dynamic world would be an understatement, as the rate of change in almost everything seems to be increasing all the time. When it comes to online advertising, serving up ads that meet the expectations of people who are surrounded by constant change should meet them where they are, meaning your ads should be dynamic to make your audience want to embrace them.

Using animations, audio and video are just a few ways to make ads dynamic. Another way to make your ads more dynamic is by buying ads using real-time buying (RTB). In other words, publishers offer up a specific ad space for sale at the very moment a visitor to their site is pulling up their web page.

The Growth of Real-time Buying

A recent survey conducted by Digiday and Google's Doubleclick indicates there is a growing trend towards an increased use of RTB ads. In 2011 almost 90% of ad buyers indicated they planned to buy ads using RTB and almost half of the publishers responding said they planned to increase the volume of inventory they will serve up to real-time buyers. In that same survey, 7% of respondents said they estimated that 90% to 100% of their online display ad budget would be spent on RTB and a third of all respondents estimated that at least 50% of their online ad budgets would be spent on RTB.

Advantages to Making Ads Dynamic

Research shows that adding dynamic elements to ads increases engagement and conversion and Google's constantly changing algorithms continue to reward websites more and more for giving visitors what they want, not just lots of keywords. Design your ads properly and you will reap big rewards.

Design Considerations

First, and foremost, you should be certain the content of your ads is high quality before you dive into the details of how to make them dynamic. If your message incorporates fancy flash videos and cool animations, but the message itself is not relevant or compelling to your audience, you could actually do more harm than good. Only add elements to your message that have a reason for being there and enhance the core message you are trying to convey.


However you decide to make your ads more dynamic, if you design them correctly you will see more engagement and you will increase your return on investment. At Vantage Local, our specialists are here to help you design and target your ads to wring every bit of value from your marketing budget, so connect with us soon to start developing a customized solution.

Leslie Van Zee is passionate about entrepreneurship and understanding what makes small businesses successful.  An avid fan of lean startups, she makes sure to get out of the building as much as possible in her role as manager of marketing...

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