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Marketing cartoon: Great inventory in stores

Marketing cartoon: Great inventory in stores Dan Darnell
Misadventures in Marketing No. 5: Great Inventory in Stores

When managing both an online and in store presence, retail companies are understandably faced with inventory and merchandising challenges. Many online stores offer more variety than a physical store. Blame it on overhead costs, but how can the merchandiser fulfill the “ultimate” omni-channel vision while still making a buck? In order to be successful, merchandisers must determine the products consumers are most likely to “try on” or better yet tie the consumer to the online experience—while they are physically in the store. Bridging the gap is critical.  In this cartoon we see where even the shopper struggles with the “omni-challenge.”

Originally posted on the Baynote blog.

Dan Darnell is Vice President of Marketing for Baynote, a provider of personalization software for major e-commerce brands.

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