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QR Codes Drive Social and Local Marketing

QR Codes Drive Social and Local Marketing Mike Gingerich
Use QR Codes In Store To Increase Online Marketing

QR Codes.  What are they and how could they help your business?

The term “QR” is shorthand for Quick Response.  So a QR code is technically a “quick response code” and it is a two-dimensional barcode.  Somewhat similar to a UPC barcode you might see on a product in a store, it is an image consisting of squares arranged in a pattern on a white background.  First used by automaker Toyota in the mid 90’s, QR Codes have since become more widely used across a broad range of industries and even more so with the continuing growth in use of Smart Phones.  Many Smart Phone app stores, including the Apple App Store and Android store, offer free QR Code reader apps that a mobile user can download and have on their phone.  Then, when a person walks by a store and sees a QR code, they can scan and be taken to the Facebook Page or website of that business.

As holiday shopping moves into high gear, having a QR Code in your store window or at key locations in store can enable a business to further connect with a customer in an ongoing way.  Here’s a quick guide on using QR Codes in your business.


Step One: Create a QR Code online using a free tool such as www.GoQR.me or www.the-QRcode-generator.com.  Simply enter in what you want users to see or go to after they scan the code such as your Facebook Page, your e-commerce website, or a coupon details.

Step Two: Download the image generated and add it to a simple sign created using a tool such as Microsoft Word, a PowerPoint, or Photoshop.  Add whatever instructions you want to give users such as “Scan to visit us on Facebook” or “Scan here for a 20% off discount code to use on our website”.

Step Three: Print the document or file and place in strategic locations such as your store front window, next to your register at checkout, or as a flyer to handout to customers as they leave.

A well-placed QR code sign will not cost more than a piece of paper and the ink to print it on but can yield great rewards.  A QR code can help businesses drive more traffic to the company website, increase online sales, add more people to the company e-mail marketing list, or add more fans to the company Facebook Page.  It’s an additional opportunity to build a deeper connection with a would-be customer.

Take time now to consider adding a QR Code sign to your local business as way to connect further with your community.

Mike Gingerich is co-founder of TabSite, the leading Facebook Page Management software for small and medium sized businesses.  Facebook and Internet Marketer. Part geek, part marketer, part strategist. A driven marketing, social media, brand...

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