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Quality is King for Stellar Online Video Campaigns

Quality is King for Stellar Online Video Campaigns iMedia Editors
To the casual observer, music and sports don’t have too much in common. But in online video advertising, these are two of the most sought after kinds of content, thanks to large, dedicated consumer devotees, and the ability to deliver a high quality experience.

CBS Interactive has found that music can deliver big audiences online. Its Live on Letterman program has garnered 130 million views in the past 18 months by streaming concerts from artists like Foo Fighters, Taylor Swift and The Killers live from inside New York’s Ed Sullivan Theater.

But it’s not just the big-name artists and songs that attract an audience. It’s the professional production. “This could be streamed on TV – it’s that level of quality,” said Ken Lagana, Senior VP, Sales, Entertainment at CBS Interactive, speaking at an ad:tech New York session on How to Create & Syndicate a Stellar Campaign.

For Daniel Bueckman, Managing Director of Mindshare, finding the right online content to connect with ads is one of the most crucial components in online video. “There’s a lot of content out there,” Bueckman said. “Some of it’s good, some of it’s not. Quality does matter.”

In fact, quality is one of the key considerations, according to Marc Mallett, VP at Silver Chalice, a company that creates and syndicates licenses sports content online for advertisers. In fact, it’s the second rule on Mallet and Silver Chalice’s five rules for creating and distributing branded content:

  • Experiential marketing: Brands want to engage with consumers through brand messaging that resonates with the content experience.

  • Be authentic and do not under invest: Viewers can read right through content that is not authentic or when corners have been cut to save a few dollars.

  • Do not replicate the TV experience, re-invent it: Make the brand integration seamless and platform relevant; focus on the development of engaging content first and you’ll drive the relevant earned media to the marketing partner.

  • Audience: Quality product only works if you can drive the right engagement through a meaningful and diversified distribution strategy.

  • Data: Test, analyze, and re-test. Fix what’s not working and be willing to adjust / pivot at any moment

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