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The Phobias Of Creatives [infographic]

The Phobias Of Creatives [infographic] Neil Spencer
We all have fears—spiders, heights, clowns.

To highlight the fears of creative professionals, creative agency Column Five Media—in collaboration with the social network for creatives The Creative Finder—has created an infographic.

In ‘The Common Phobias of Creatives’, it states that within the office, creative types have a phobia of: PCs, Comic Sans, sterile cube farm environments, internet outages, and hovering helicopter bosses.

When freelancing, creatives fear asking for extensions, asking for payments, getting non-traditional compensations, and never being able to say “no” to a project.

When it comes to dealing with clients, creatives are afraid to get these responses: “I’m not in love with it”; “Let me circulate it around the office”; “Can we make it ‘pop’ more”; “Can we get this ASAP”; “I’ll know it when I see it”; and “This is a good start, but…”.

Creatives, are these truly your fears?

Check out the infographic below:

Click to view enlarged version

[via Column Five Media]

This post was originally published on designtaxi.com.

Neil works as a Digital PR Manager at Column Five Media @columnfive, a creative marketing agency specializing in data visualization and infographic design. He's passionate about the future of social media and how good design will become a bigger...

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