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Top 10 in Digital Outdoor 2012 (Video)

Top 10 in Digital Outdoor 2012 (Video) Rick Mathieson

Is outdoor the new TV?

Thanks to digital, outdoor is quickly becoming that certain "had-to-see-it" element that, if done well, cuts through the clutter in a way most other channels today (digital or otherwise) simply can't.

One remarkable feature of this year's list is how many slots go to Coca-Cola, which simply owns experiential marketing these days. Another is the innovation in vending machines.

Here are our favorite initiatives of the year so far. Let us know if you agree.

10. Nokia Lumia Live Augmented Reality 'Angry Birds' Game

Flip the bird or just get your boogie on. It's all good.

9. Invisible Mercedes Benz

Not so much cutting through the clutter as phasing through it.

8. TNT's Dynamite Street Promo

Technically, the only thing digital here is the activation device. But the results are priceless.

7. Tic Tac's 'Bad Breath'

Kind of like a flash faint than a flash mob. But it's for a good cause.

6. Ford Pinball Park

Pinball wizardry meets the pitfalls of parking on a busy street.

5. 'Axe Anarchy': Outdoor Ads Visible Only If You're Wearing Sunglasses

Attention voyeurs of the world: Has Axe Anarchy have an ad for you.

4. Shafted: Elevator Riders Get Big Surprise from LG

Call it Schadenfreude in the elevator shaft.

3. Coke Zero '007' Vending Machine Turns Passersby Into Bond (tie)

Hold the martini and make it a Coke Zero - shaken, stirred or otherwise.

3. Let's Eat Together; Coca-Cola Happiness Truck (tie)

Talk about a Coke and a smile.

2. Coca-Cola's Kinect-Powered Vending Machine

Bust a move for a free beverage.

1. Giant Tourism Vending Machine Dispenses Kayaks, Bikes in San Fran

As if we needed any more reason to love British Columbia, this new tourism vending machine has hit the streets of San Francisco (video at top).

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