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Top 10 Mobile Marketing Initiatives 2012 (Video)

Top 10 Mobile Marketing Initiatives 2012 (Video) Rick Mathieson

Mobile marketing is so much more than advertising.

As readers of my books THE ON-DEMAND BRAND and BRANDING UNBOUND know, I don’t consider mobile advertising very compelling. So it

won’t come as a shock that there isn't much in the way of pure-play mobile ads in this year’s list of top 10 mobile marketing initiatives.

For me, mobile isn’t about taking an ad model from the old-school Internet – namely a "ad banner" – and plopping it onto a business-card size screen, or even the larger screen of an iPad.

It’s about creating unique and differentiating branded experiences that drive home your value proposition in amazing new ways.

To that end, here are 10 of my favorite mobile promotional initiatives for 2012.

Agree with my list? Disagree? What initiatives would you ad to the list?

Let us know!


10. Heineken Personalized QR

Code Stickers Become Ice Breakers at Music Festival

Talk about a conversation starter.

9. ‘Dance Cam’ Mobile App

Lets you Create Music Videos on Your Phone

Because there are few things more entertaining (and, often, disturbing)

than watching folks dance on the Xbox Kinect system on games like Dance

Central. So why not mobilize it?

8. Starbucks Brings Mobile

AR to Valentine’s Day

It’s the AR, Cupid.

7. Red Tomato Fridge Magnet

Orders Pizza For You

Freaking genius – and no

mobile app, or even phone, required.

6. Retailer’s

Shadow-Activated QR Code Boosts Sales 25%

Effective? Affirmative.

Clever? Beyond a shadow of a doubt.

5. Axe Body Spray Uses QR Code ‘Peepholes’ For A

Mobile+Social Sensation

Not for the faint of heart.

4. Kit Kat Launches GPS-Based ‘Golden Ticket’-Style


Kit Kat will do a heck of a lot more than just

give you a break.

3. VW’s Creative ‘Crate Code’

You’ll love the payoff. Or

the payload, as the case may be.

2. Wonderbra Decoder App Gives You X-Ray Vision

School-age boys the world over might think an

age-old dream has come true.

1. Project Re:Brief App Lets

You Truly Buy The World A Coke – Anywhere, Anytime

You gotta love this mobile-age edition of Coke's

classic "Hilltop" spot (video at top).

Rick Mathieson is an award-winning writer, author, speaker and frequent media commentator on marketing in the digital age. Heralded as “a strategic marketing expert” by Harvard Business School”s Working Knowledge, his insights on postmodern...

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