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4 Tips to Get Mass Traffic on Your Social Media Pages

4 Tips to Get Mass Traffic on Your Social Media Pages iMedia Editors
Social Media is a fantastic way to spread the word about your products, services, or brand. That’s because social media makes it so much easier for you to connect with your customers, fans and target audiences.

Nowadays, almost every business has their Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts set up and optimized with their various target keywords and company information. But that wasn’t enough.

Unless they already had a strong brand name, these businesses didn’t instantly gain followers, likes, and a large fan base. So how did they do it?

Through promotion of course!

But the whole point of having these social media accounts to begin with was to promote your business, and now you have to figure out how to build traffic on these platforms too?

Well, the good news is that’s it’s not that difficult to do. In this post we’ll go over 4 simple marketing strategies you can implement to build a stronger social media following and get mass traffic going to your website. With these tactics, a little hard work, and consistency, you’ll notice a difference in your social media pages in no time.

Add Social Media On Your Website

Your website is the number one place visitors will look to find your social media accounts. So why make it hard for them?

Think of a permanent blank place on your website. This could be near your logo, on the right sidebar, the navigation panel, or somewhere on your blog posts.

The focus here is to find a place that people are going to instantly notice. Then add social media icons or vector art that links directly to your various social media profiles on these locations.

You can get creative with these icons and explore social media designs that relate to the overall theme of your site. There are countless websites that offer free social media icons that come in a variety of different designs and colors. You could also create your own custom icons, but just make sure that the final product will attract visitor attention and get them to click on it.

Social Media websites like Facebook and Twitter also offer their own embeddable share buttons which come in handy as well. These social media buttons allow visitors to like, follow, and share content without ever leaving your website. This makes it even easier for users to spread awareness of your business, down to the press of a button!

Make sure that you include links to your social media pages on your “About” or “Contact” webpages. This is extremely important because it is the most logical place visitors will look to find these links on your website.

Add Social Media On Your Email Signatures

Make sure you include links to your social media accounts on all your various email signatures. Customize your personal email signature to include hypertext or hyperlinked social media icons below your name and contact information.

As with any business, you deal with constant back and forth emails to your various clients, prospects, and other third party individuals. Including social media icons and buttons in your email signature encourages individuals to connect with you over this medium.

If you have a newsletter you send out regularly to your email list, make sure you attach links to your social media accounts on here as well.

Promote Offline

Despite the strong influence of Internet marketing, never underestimate the power of promoting your social media pages through offline means as well. Try using various print advertising and other physical materials to complement your online social media strategy.

Add social media logos with your custom Twitter, Facebook or Google+ URL to your business cards, flash drives, office windows, company car bumpers, flyers, receipts, and on other promotional materials. Many of these physical forms of promotion may seem a little outdated to some, and that couldn't be father from the truth!

Since this is one of the simplest methods of spreading your network presence, it’s often overlooked and even disregarded entirely in some cases. Trade shows and conventions are the best time to network this way, and the ROI for this simple measure is unbelievable!

Another trend catching on that bridges the gap between the online and offline promotions are QR codes. These square bar codes strangely attract visitors by the thousands. It could be because of the fun in taking out your smartphone to scan these codes, or it could be for the promise of specific discounts or promotional items in return. But I think it largely has to do with the mystery behind how this technology works. The “high-tech” feel it gives off is still fresh in 2012, and it’s an effective way to share your social media accounts for increased likes and follows.

Engage Your Fans

Be interesting.

Have something to offer.

These are at the center of what attracts new followers, likes, and ultimately that mass traffic you’re looking for. Be entertaining, informative, and friendly. All these define what it means to be social – and what’s social media without being social?

Respond to people when they tweet you or leave a comment in an engaging, thought-provoking way. People are just more likely to follow communities where they are more likely to be heard and acknowledged.

Responding to your fans will also increase your chances of being retweeted or liked. This is also the perfect way to address and settle negative customer feedback while gaining the respect of your fan base, and possibly new followers. You’re missing out on a whole truckload of engagement by ignoring these comments and tweets, which mean you’re losing traffic to your social media sites as well.

Another great way to engage your fans is by participating in community discussions on your industry. Twitter has hashtags and Facebook as groups which allow you to communicate and target specific consumer bases that are primarily interested in your topic! But remember to leave useful, interesting comments that build the conversation, without shamelessly promoting your products.

In other words, give people a reason to connect with you on social media. Let your fans know that they’ll benefit from your Tweets, Posts, and Pinterest boards. Offer engaging information, conversation, discounts, coupons, shopping events, contests and other exclusive content they won’t get anywhere else. I may like IKEA, but I’ll “like” IKEA on Facebook because they offered a 10% store discount in exchange.

The key to succeeding with your social media pages is consistency. Make sure all of the marketing tools at your disposal share your profiles, and make sure these profiles share useful content in a concise and compelling way. The rest will fall into place.

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