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Google's view on mobile

I'm at the iMedia Breakthrough Summit watching a presentation by Brendan Kraham from Google's mobile sales and product strategy team. He shared some of the exciting new initiatives being explored at Google and some strategic considerations we should be thinking about when it comes to executing in the mobile space.

Google Now

This was the most exciting thing I saw. Google Now combines voice recognition, contextual geolocation and predictive technology to guess what you want before you even know you want it. For instance, Google Now knows when you leave for work and can tell you traffic routes. If you're at a train station it will give you schedules.

This sounds like an Amazon recommendation engine for your life. I'm excited to check it out!

Google Wallet

The big power of this is that it streamlines the purchase process. We're not there yet, but mobile commerce is definitely coming. Google will definitely be a big player in the space.

Chrome Experiments

Google thinks the canvas for the mobile web is very rich. Check out chromeexperiments.com to watch some videos and other examples of what their browser makes possible. Impressive stuff.

Field Trip

Interesting way to curate content.  Field Trip is described as a cool, interesting way to access content about the world around you. My jury is still out on augmented reality apps like this, but I'll definitely download it and check it out.

Google Glasses

When I think of Google Glasses and a future where augmented reality pop-up windows are integrated into the way we live, I throw up in my mouth a little. Brandon showed a video of Google Glasses being used as a camera that can capture and share moments in life. Hadn't really given that use case its due. I could go for a pair of camera glasses. Maybe.

4 Strategic Considerations for Mobile

Businesses are trying to shoehorn their desktop businesses into mobile. That's a mistake. Mobile internet traffic will soon surpass traffic from PCs.  Brands need to have a distinct mobile strategy.

How does mobile change my value propositions?

How can your company look at usage behavior to transform how you provide value to consumers?

For instance, the travel industry found that the lion share of mobile bookings were local and within 24 hours. In response, Hotels.com has created a tool that knows where you are and what's available right now so you can book a room nearby tonight in moments.

How does mobile change my digital destinations?

79% of people will turn to a competitor's site after a bad mobile experience. Are you sure you still want that mobile version of your website to be an afterthought?

Is our organization adapting to mobile?

You have to have organizational buy-in to be successful. You need to have support from the top to make mobile work.

How do I measure the full value of mobile?

Mobile is creating new types of conversions: from apps, to maps, click-to-call, visit a store. How do you measure ROI across them?

One example of a retailer showed the math. The brand took one leap of faith in their ROI calculation: 20% of people who click on a map, visit a store. They know 20% of in-store visits convert to a sale and they know the average order value. Do some simple math and you've got the value of a click.

Google has more digital advice available at themobileplaybook.com and Brandon says it's an awesome experience on a tablet. Take a look and tell us what you think in comments.

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