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Marketing cartoon: Buying guide

Marketing cartoon: Buying guide Dan Darnell
Intent to Buy Cartoon No. 7: Buying Guide

Imagine walking into a store and asking a sales associate for help selecting a sweater, only to be told they couldn’t assist you unless you made a purchase first. Ridiculous, right? Yet, a lot of retailers look only at actual purchases to determine peoples’ interests despite the fact we give all sorts of clues about our interests far beyond the “buy” button. The way we see it, following those clues is just good customer service.

Originally posted on the Baynote blog.

Dan Darnell is Vice President of Marketing for Baynote, a provider of personalization software for major e-commerce brands.

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Commenter: SEO Guy

2008, July 29

Interesting article, but I guess I don't understand the issue. Television commercials tell of how their product is better than that of the "XYZ" company. In the process of saying "XYZ" company you are using named brand recongnition tactics that to my knowledge no one objects to.