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To Be's of Social Media Engagement

Recently, I had come across an e-book from Radian6.com, their “20 Ways to Succeed at Social Media Engagement”. I’m not in any way affiliated with the website, but I found their content compelling and worth sharing. I’d like to point out some of the most convincing ways on how you could be successful in managing a social media campaign. These points would be mashed up to produce a unique idea.

“Good conversations solidify the relationship, and your fans will feel a more direct connection with the brand,” Radian6 concluded as they introduced their ebook.

True enough, Martin Lindstrom calls out to companies to ‘be 100% transparent’. “Nothing less. The consumer needs to know what you know about them. Furthermore, they must be told exactly how you intend to use the information. If they don’t like what they see, they need a fair and easy way to opt out,” explained by the brand consultant.

Let’s get it on and do the social media engagement our way.

Be the Voice

As a brand, you are what you speak. Be transparent; don’t hide anything from your followers as they wouldn’t like booby-traps and false promises. Transparency is the key to establish rapport, thus building your brand’s trustworthiness will follow. In the social media sphere where everyone is sharing almost everything under the sun, it’s easy to inject yourself in relevant conversations. With the ease of free advertisement and marketing, you can get attention readily. Anytime, anywhere.

Be a Conversationalist

Initiate the conversation and keep it going. People love to comment on issues and things that relate to them. It’s cool to keep it going, however, don’t drag it too long that it bores the hell out of your audience. Oversharing a post, video, or picture does not make you go viral. The content itself alone is the most important factor in unlocking viral opportunities.

Be an Outreach Freak

If you’re at the inception of your social media campaign, determine your would-be followers and the influencers of your niche. They play a vital role in expanding your reach, so being friendly to them is a must. As you go along, you’ll realize that not all people would like you. It’s important to get your butts working and respond to every feedback— whether good or bad. Never steer away from your objectives and establish an online personality that everyone will quickly determine as yours.

Be a Non Conformist

I’m not telling you to go on rallies and shout conspiracies of the government; I’m telling you that social media isn’t only Facebook or Twitter. There are a lot of social media websites you can get involved with. It also pays to have a blog of your own; what’s the use of those social media buttons if you could not even share your own content? Post articles related to your product or services. It could talk about a recent discovery, an upgrade, or just your ordinary how-to guide.

Be Vigilant

Let real people handle your social media campaign and don’t rely on automated stuff to fast track your results. As we all know Facebook is doing its best to remove fake likes, and soon, Twitter might do the same by deleting accounts and tweets that are too phony to be human-like. Participate in conversations and never respond in a template-like manner. Be as casual as you can be, and keep your responses short but succinct as possible.

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