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Top Ten: When fan posts become the brand's most engaging content

Top Ten: When fan posts become the brand's most engaging content Doug Schumacher
I've noted before how little impact fac posts have relative to brand content, in terms of engagement. This week seems to be something of a turning point for that trend. 3 brands had their most engaging post last week come from fans. Interestingly, they were all on the same subject. Breast Cancer Awareness. As there's a similar feel to the posts, it could be a coordinated effort by Susan G. Komen for the Cure, or some other organization. If so, that's an interesting phenom on it's own, as a way of leveraging another pages fans without falling into the spam category.

Whatever the case, it could be the indication of power moving to the fans. Of course, it's likely this wouldn't work week in and week out. It's also important to note that despite very high "Like" rates on these posts, there was zero sharing.

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One of three posts from fans gaining most engaging status last week

most engaging fan post

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