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9 Tips for Driving Traffic with Twitter

9 Tips for Driving Traffic with Twitter Meghan Bender
When it comes to growing your blog and expanding your reader base, social media is a great tool. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with an instruction manual. At Skimlinks we work with thousands of online publishers to grow and monetize their sites and picked up a few tips and tricks along the way.

Twitter can be a powerful tool for communicating with your readers, finding inspiration, and getting new users. Here are nine tips for driving traffic to your site with Twitter; give them a shot and shoot us a tweet @imediatweet and @Skimlinks !

Hard hitting tweets that include an interesting stat or quote from your post will are more likely to be clicked, shared, and retweeted.

Analyze using a service such as Followerwonk to find out what hours of the day your followers are most active- that will allow you to make your tweets more effective by allowing you to tweet them at a time when they are more likely to be read.

Mentioning a person or company on your site? Tweet them directly to make them aware of it! Chances are they’ll reply to thank you or retweet.

#Hashtags increase your visibility! When people want information on a specific topic, they search for those using hashtags. Add hashtags to your tweets so that they will turn up in search results. For example, “Can’t wait for the iPhone 5 to come out! #iphone #apple #tech.” Anyone who clicks on or searches for those topics will see your tweet in their feed.

Less is more when it comes to Tweet length. Keep your tweet to the point and your followers will appreciate it.

TinyURLs save space; try shortening your links with a service like TinyURL or Bit.Ly. If you log into your Google Analytics account and use Google’s URL shortener you can track its success in analytics.

Sync and Schedule: Too forgetful to tweet? Try a syncing program to have your Facebook,PinterestInstagram, blog posts (and more) automatically tweeted from your account. Does your Twinspiration come in waves? Try Tweetdeck to pre-write and schedule your tweets as they come to you.

The 2-Hour Rule: If it doesn’t get read in the first two hours after your post it, it probably won’t get read. By that point, your tweet has moved too far down the feed. Use the 2-hour rule as a reference when scheduling and spacing your tweets.

Interact with your followers. Ask questions, engage, and respond to them. Your Twitter followers can be a very helpful and vocal backboard to bounce new ideas off of, too!

What tips have you picked up along the way? Tweet them at us- @imediatweet and @Skimlinks !

This post is a feature from the Skimlinks blog. For more tips on growing and monetizing your site check out blog.skimlinks.com.

Meghan is the Marketing Coordinator at Skimlinks, an automated affiliate marketing tools for publishers, where uses her experience in writing, publicity, and #socialmedia to tell the world how awesome and easy-to-use Skimlinks is. Meghan graduated...

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