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A case study in stellar digital content marketing

A case study in stellar digital content marketing Lori Luechtefeld
Long-form branded video content isn't the easiest nut to crack. Asking for even 30 seconds of a person's time online is asking -- well -- quite a lot. But five minutes? Ten minutes? Good luck.

But on Monday morning at the iMedia Brand Summit in Coronado, attendees got a glimpse behind the curtain of Intel and HP's groundbreaking music video campaign "Tiësto: In the Booth." For the campaign, the two companies sponsored a dynamic YouTube series of long-form videos that delivered a behind-the-scenes look at the world tour of electronic music superstar Tiësto.

Mark Vaiciulis, global marketing manager for Intel, noted that the videos showcased the ways in which Tiësto employs technology to create his music and communicate with his legions of fans. The videos incorporated HP and Intel technology in an authentic way, and that authenticity came through -- in the form of more than 230 million press impressions. And beyond just pulling in eyeballs, the campaign exceeded goals when it came to increases in both brand favorability and purchase intent.

As a part of the campaign, HP and Intel partnered with Sharethrough to generate viewership and sharing of the videos. Mike Gaffney, CRO of Sharethrough, noted that the distribution of such campaigns hinges on three key elements:

  • Videos must be visually integrated into the user experience.

  • Videos must be choice-based, never interruptive.

  • Videos need to be content driven -- viewers demand value in exchange for their time.

With regard to the third point, Gaffney noted that the Tiësto campaign was an amazing example of a campaign that succeeded based on the quality of its content. However, he noted, you don't need an HP/Intel-level budget to see real results with branded video content -- so long as you adhere to the three points above.

Lori Luechtefeld is publisher of iMedia Connection. She came to iMedia in July 2008 from Canon Communications, where she served as managing editor of an executive-level business magazine in the medical technology field. Prior to joining Canon, Lori...

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