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"Caturday" is a case study in brand collaboration

Jennifer Marlo
"Caturday" is a case study in brand collaboration Jennifer Marlo
No, that isn't a typo in the title -- "Caturday" is the strange and wonderful series that came out of the collaborative efforts of Petco and Hill's Pet Nutrition.

Kat Smith of Petco and Tyler Milfeld of Hill's Pet Nutrition revealed the inner workings of their collaborative efforts at the iMedia Brand Summit in Coronado, Calif. this morning.

Both brands were looking to increase engagement numbers, monetize social channels, create awareness around vendor products, and gain audience UGC.  These goals were realized through this very creative marketing campaign. Engagement was increased when Petco started encouraging user generated content through silly cat photos, and Hill's science diet created "hairball awareness day" (April 26, so mark your calendars!) to bring awareness to their special diet foods that help prevent the development of hairballs.

Check out the fruits of their labor:

Jennifer Marlo

Jennifer received her BFA from UC Santa Barbara and MFA from CALARTS in 2006. Post graduation, Jennifer segued into freelance writing, focusing on various topics such as arts, entertainment, travel, and tourism. Jennifer is a native Los Angelean...

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